Monday, June 28, 2010

All about Change

My life is all about change right now. My oldest daughter graduated in June and is getting married July 17th . I can't believe the wedding is so close.I know I have talked about it before but it's hard when your firstborn is leaving the nest. Plus this year has been financially hard. My husband is self employed , he has a vinyl siding business and he does home improvement work.Things have been very slow and with all the extra expenses of a wedding .It has been difficult. We are considering putting our house on the market, because it is much more than we need and building a smaller home. We have other land that is close to our home so it wouldn't be a total relocation.
On top of all that change , Our first cat died last week . He was missing last weekend and on Monday he showed up on our porch with no visible injuries but was bleeding from his mouth and was barely alive. I will spare you the other awful details but it was sooooo hard. We had to put him to sleep. The Amazing thing was that a few days after my cousin posted on facebook that she needed to get rid of her cat .It looks almost identical to the cat we lost. So we decided to take him . We just got him yesterday and we are in an adjustment period . I have two other cats and 2 little dogs . They aren't too thrilled with our new pet.
So this is where I have been . I am just feeling a little lost. I miss my creativity . I need some security in my life . How do you handle change?

Friday, June 4, 2010

A girl can dream ,Right?

I was browsing the internet and I saw this . A week in Italy with Misty Mawn . I mean Art and Italy ,what's not to love? I have never really traveled anywhere alone, but I would love to do this. I had the privilege of taking a class online with Misty and it was Amazing! So maybe I will allow myself to dream even bigger and check into this . Go Ahead, lets dream of creating art in italy with Misty Mawn.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Faces In Technicolor..

You know how I love workshops right? I do!! Sharon is giving away a spot to her faces in Technicolor workshop. I have been feeling down lately because so much has been going on . My daughter graduates tomorrow and then is getting married July 17th. I am proud of her but she will be my first to leave the nest ,so my feelings have been mixed. I haven't had a chance to do anything artsy. Today I sketched for the first time in a while and it felt really good. Art grounds me somehow, so a new workshop may be exactly what I need. It starts June 18th .Check it out for a chance to win a spot.