Thursday, November 19, 2009

New Moon Madness

Yep , thats me behind that book above . I have caught the Twilight Madness. I read all the books in 4 days. Once I got started I couldn't put them down . So unless you are living under a rock , you know that tomorrow is the release of the second movie in the saga "New Moon . All over the country they are having special midnight showings tonight. I will be among the madness tonight . So what you say? Well I have not been to a movie since last year and I am a true introvert . Most of the time I am home playing with my art supplies or on the internet. So let me paint this picture for you .

I live in a little town in wv where it looks like this .Population less than 5,000.
Our nearest town with a theatre is a 30 minute drive (about 68 miles from DC) .New moon has been sold out there for most days. So we have about an hour drive to a little town called Moorefield Wv , population , 2,400 . biggest store in that little town is of course a Walmart and right behind it it is the theatre. So knowing they had some tickets left , my daughter and I make the drive to score tickets for the midnight showing. We arrive around 3 pm . Not a soul is stirring . empty parking lot:( so I walk to the door and try it , it's locked . I press my nose against the glass and knock on the window . I was thinking surely they must have office personnel working . My 18 year old is looking at me horrified "Mother,they are not going to open the door for you , you are not Oprah " . I chuckle and say ok lets go to walmart. So we do some shopping and know we cannot stay over in this little town till 6 o'clock . We are trying to think of options of how we can get our tickets. It's not looking so good . So we leave walmart . I insist that we check the theatre again. My 18 year old rolls her eyes and insists that it is going to be useless and I use all the motherly authority I can muster and say " lets just try , you never know . So she obliges me ,muttering under her breath. As we approach we do see one van in the parking lot and I can see a woman inside . So I say "I am going to go ask her and my teen says " Omg, you are so embarrasing" as I approach the theatre doors the lady stands back . I try the door it is locked . She opens the door for me . I say " can we get our preshow tickets ?" . She says" I am here for the same, but there is no one here " she had arrived to find the door cracked. So here we are the three of us inside an empty theatre. we wander about calling "Hello", to our own echoes . No one is there . Just the three of us locked inside.
It really is quite comical . So this being a small town ,the lady locked in with us ,calls a cousin of a cousin ,who works there and she is shocked that we were able to get into the theatre . she sends someone , a manager in her red pickup truck to take care of us and they look at us with mouths gaped open standing inside the locked up theatre:) . So she comes in and sells us our tickets !! So tonight I will drive windy roads with two teenagers who get carsick and me an introvert to see "New Moon ". I hate crowds but I will wait to be hoarded into the crowded little theatre and I will not arrive home till at least 3 am . Wish me luck!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

November News...

(Picture by Monica Zuniga )
I cannot believe it is November already! I usually love fall but we have all been sick on and off here so I haven't really been enjoying it so far. I want to share with you what I have been doing though. I am over halfway in the third book of the Twilight series . I started the first one when I was sick this week and I haven't been able to put them down . The story is a nice escape from reality . I also am taking a keepsake journal workshop called "EVE to EVE" . It began Halloween eve and runs through to New years eve. It covers lots of things . Klair is a wonderful teacher. I love listening to her voice and the class is just soothing. I also took a Coptic book binding class with her and I loved it but I still need to sew my pages together. I also am seriously considering taking this class with Monica called Winter Goddess . I cannot say enough about Monica . She is so kind and so talented and I love her classes . It is also Art everyday month here . You can participate however you would like as long as you are doing something creative.Oh and if that wasn't enough how about NaNJouMo? A daily journaling prompt for the month . Day 1 is today and the prompt is "Freedom" . I have been wanting to journal so I will think about how I would like to use this .

What are you up to for this month ?

I am off to watch "The proposal " and just relax . It seems that's all I have been doing but I have been so drained since I have been sick . Hope you had a Happy Halloween .