Thursday, November 19, 2009

New Moon Madness

Yep , thats me behind that book above . I have caught the Twilight Madness. I read all the books in 4 days. Once I got started I couldn't put them down . So unless you are living under a rock , you know that tomorrow is the release of the second movie in the saga "New Moon . All over the country they are having special midnight showings tonight. I will be among the madness tonight . So what you say? Well I have not been to a movie since last year and I am a true introvert . Most of the time I am home playing with my art supplies or on the internet. So let me paint this picture for you .

I live in a little town in wv where it looks like this .Population less than 5,000.
Our nearest town with a theatre is a 30 minute drive (about 68 miles from DC) .New moon has been sold out there for most days. So we have about an hour drive to a little town called Moorefield Wv , population , 2,400 . biggest store in that little town is of course a Walmart and right behind it it is the theatre. So knowing they had some tickets left , my daughter and I make the drive to score tickets for the midnight showing. We arrive around 3 pm . Not a soul is stirring . empty parking lot:( so I walk to the door and try it , it's locked . I press my nose against the glass and knock on the window . I was thinking surely they must have office personnel working . My 18 year old is looking at me horrified "Mother,they are not going to open the door for you , you are not Oprah " . I chuckle and say ok lets go to walmart. So we do some shopping and know we cannot stay over in this little town till 6 o'clock . We are trying to think of options of how we can get our tickets. It's not looking so good . So we leave walmart . I insist that we check the theatre again. My 18 year old rolls her eyes and insists that it is going to be useless and I use all the motherly authority I can muster and say " lets just try , you never know . So she obliges me ,muttering under her breath. As we approach we do see one van in the parking lot and I can see a woman inside . So I say "I am going to go ask her and my teen says " Omg, you are so embarrasing" as I approach the theatre doors the lady stands back . I try the door it is locked . She opens the door for me . I say " can we get our preshow tickets ?" . She says" I am here for the same, but there is no one here " she had arrived to find the door cracked. So here we are the three of us inside an empty theatre. we wander about calling "Hello", to our own echoes . No one is there . Just the three of us locked inside.
It really is quite comical . So this being a small town ,the lady locked in with us ,calls a cousin of a cousin ,who works there and she is shocked that we were able to get into the theatre . she sends someone , a manager in her red pickup truck to take care of us and they look at us with mouths gaped open standing inside the locked up theatre:) . So she comes in and sells us our tickets !! So tonight I will drive windy roads with two teenagers who get carsick and me an introvert to see "New Moon ". I hate crowds but I will wait to be hoarded into the crowded little theatre and I will not arrive home till at least 3 am . Wish me luck!


  1. Oh... what fun! I was supposed to go with my daughters, but then they ditched me and made plans with their friends. :-( But I think I've found a friend who wants to go too. :-) (My daughters just assumed I'd agreed to take them because I was being nice, but I really want to see it too!)

  2. LOL!! Persistence did pay off! Glad you were able to get your tickets. You've got me wanting to start reading that series...I've been thinking about it.

  3. Cute photo of you and what a GORGEOUS view! I have not been to WV in several years. So glad that you were able to get your tickets! :D

  4. Jackie I only read the first book, I will have to read the others.

    You are amazingly beautiful. Look at your eyes. You are gorgeous Jackie.

    Love Renee xoxo

  5. love that pic of you!! we spent our thanksgiving in petersburg, where ryan's family lives. hope you had a good holiday. hugs!!

  6. Thinking of you and hoping that you are OK.

  7. Hi Jackie...
    So nice of you to pop by my blog. I am glad I brought you some 'hope'... looks to me like you are headed in the right direction. Love your blog... I will add you to my list.
    Just remember... do what you love and it will all come together. Don't be afraid of making mistakes.. and try to say yes more often to see where it will lead you. From what I have read from your blog.. we could be great friends.. I too am a twihard (die hard twilight fan... I can not help myself... I am a hopeless chick flick lover).
    So anyway... glad you found me... I tend to be a bit of a hermit up here in the frozen north... I am an artist in Fargo, ND and am at Gallery 4 there...I sometimes come out for fresh air.. but of course you can ALWAYS find me on my blog. Keep in touch and if you ever have a question about art or anything... please feel free to ask... (not that I have the answer but I will try.)