Sunday, December 20, 2009

Wish list..

I am so excited to see this issue of art journaling . Several friends are in it which makes it so special . Congrats to Linda and Tracy !
They are both talented and supportive of others .They have been so helpful in sharing with me as I learn . Pam Carriker is in this issue too. So it's on my wish list.
Also on my wish list is "The nook " ,the new ereader from Barnes and Nobel, I have the first amazon kindle , which I loved but I am selling it and I am buying myself "the nook".It seems to have some features that will work better for me . First it accepts paypal to buy gift cards so I can buy books easier and it also uses the Att wireless network which works better for my area . I plan to read more in the new year so this is something that I really want!
I'd also love an Exacompta Sketchbook and if you need a little inspiration to want one too I got you covered ,lol . I love how she used this sketchbook .
So if santa brings me any of these things , I would be very grateful .Umm and a little talent would be nice too!!
I wish all of my friends a very creative and Merry Xmas!
To my very special friend Renee who is battling breast cancer and having a very hard time right now,You are in my thoughts and prayers . I wish santa would bring her and her family some peace and comfort through the holidays . Sending you lots of love , stay strong!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Links I am Loving...

I want to share with you some things I am loving right now. I love the internet . I love reading blogs and I have met some incredible people online. 1.
2. I love this blog
, a loving tribute to a father . So beautiful and touching!

3.I love this post, so raw and important and full of hope.

4. More than words , She has incredible art and a wonderful blog and the reason I am loving number 5!

I would love this book and I plan to buy it as a gift. I think it's beautiful.
6.Speaking of books ,I met this author on twitter , she is so personable and I just really like her and her books look great Valerie Storey
I am planning on buying "Better than perfect" and "unleashed".If you have a young adult this could be a great xmas present.
7.Very Pink is a wonderful knitting site. I really love her you tube videos for a beginner.
8.A handspun yarn shop on etsy, I also met this chick on Twitter and the colors of yarn are beautiful.
I hope you find something you love as well!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Beginning ...

“You can learn new things at any time in your life if you're willing to be a beginner. If you actually learn to like being a beginner, the whole world opens up to you.”_ Barbara sher

I love this quote but I am struggling with being a beginner. I had read that when we first "begin " we initially feel wonder and excitement and then move into the fumbly clumsy part and that this is the time when most people quit. I am in that place . I want and need to be creative in some way . I don't know in what direction "ART " is leading me. Right now I am "Everywhere ". I am learning to knit , I am teaching myself crochet, I am taking workshops to learn to draw and paint . I am searching for myself and my niche . I have always surrounded myself with learning. I am like a child released in a toy store filled with all the things I love and want to see . I have a passion for learning . I just don't know where I am supposed to be headed . I am 40 years old and the questions that I am asking myself is "Where have I been all my life?" I really wish I would have spent more time at a younger age pursuing myself but I didn't . I am a 40 year old beginner. I also ask myself ,if I were to not sit in this beginning stage where will that leave me ? I have no choice but to learn to be a good beginner. I get frustrated . I want to draw and paint to express myself . I want to knit . I want to crochet . I also plan to someday sew and I am sure there will be many more things I may want to explore . I try to soothe myself with things like Grandma Moses. Did you know she didn't begin painting until she was 75 years old ? SO maybe it's never to late to begin .

Monday, December 7, 2009

Are you getting ready ?

We got our christmas tree up yesterday. My girls have been bugging us to put it up. So my oldest baked cookies and we all put the tree up. They so love christmas . I just don't seem to be as much in the spirit this year.I do love the lights and seeing all the collected ornaments once we get started.
We also got our first snow here on saturday. I love the first snowfall .I hope you all are getting ready for christmas as well . I will have a new post soon . I am working on so many things.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving . My girls were off school for 9 days and my youngest is going to try to return to school today as she has had a fever for the last few days.

I decided to share a little of what I have been up to . Last saturday we visited the castle in Berkley Springs Wv. as a possible location for my daughters July Wedding. It really is a beautiful place , rich in history and it was perfect for my daughters outside wedding . So we booked it. They were happy to have found a location . You can see more pictures here .
We spent Thanksgiving with some wonderful friends of ours from Delaware who have a vacation home near us . It was really cozy . They are both wonderful cooks . I really enjoyed their company and we chatted after dinner and "Jackie "( we share a name ) happily sat and crocheted as we talked . It brought back memories of me teaching myself to knit the year before . I had learned the basic stitches from a dvd about a year ago and I had found it so meditating. I have always found the idea of knitting a throw or blanket so appealing .

When I came home I decided to try and knit again and I am currently happily knitting some washcloths ,LOL
You got to start somewhere right? I hope to improve my knitting skills .I have tons of books on knitting and crochet and had been meaning to get to it . So I am happy Jackie provided the inspiration..
I am also taking different art workshops. I am taking a winter goddess class here with Monica. I haven't had time to watch the full class but I did a winter sketch .We are to practice making sketches for our painting . this is the first one I did. Keep in mind, that I have never drawn anything beyond stick figures and as a child I don't even remember playing with crayons . So this is hard for me to share .

I am also taking three classes with Pam Carriker , who I love. One of the classes I am involved in is called Pursuing portraits and I did a few sketches for that class as well.Pam , is a wonderful teacher .

I am really taking so many classes and really trying to find my niche or where I am supposed to be . I thought maybe I could be vulnerable enough to start to put myself out here a little . I love seeing other people share so I thought maybe I should too . Sometimes I am involved in so many things it's overwhelming for me but thats ME. I hope with practice that I will be able to eventually do something that I am proud of and happy with .