Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lets Talk about Workshops...

I love online art workshops.They are an amazing learning tool . I first decided I wanted to learn when I was browsing blogs and saw some amazing mixed media art. I was so inspired I decided that I really wanted to try to learn to draw and paint. I remember seeing links for workshops on sites. I was a little overwhelmed. I wasn't sure which ones I should choose first. I really knew nothing about the whole process . The first class I decided to take was Mixed Media With The Girls with the lovely Wyanne. It was a class with 26 videos and I remember feeling a little overwhelmed . I downloaded them all and I got distracted for a while and didn't end up watching them all but recently I have went back and watched her classes and they are amazing. Since that first class I have taken lots of online workshops and I still am . I sometimes took so many at a time that Suzi blu said to me "Slow down Momma, One thing at a time" .I think I was just so excited I wanted to do it all .So, I want to talk to you about this in case you yourself are thinking about a workshop.

Most workshops are hosted on a Ning,which is an online platform for social networks.You usually register and pay for the workshop and then the site owner sends you an email invite into a virtual classroom (forum). Once inside the classroom you then have access to videos and or Pdf's.

There is a supply list and you can communicate with your fellow classmates and most even have ways for you to share your artwork.

Don't be afraid to take one. They really are great learning tools and I have found them very supportive environments for learning. They vary in prices but I have never felt that they weren't worth the money . I have always taken away an invaluable lesson. We all have different ways we learn and each teacher teaches in their style. Some may be better than others for you.

Here is places I have taken workshops with a little review .I hope you find it helpful.

1.Mixed Media with the girls- Wyanne Cost $68.00 . I loved Wyanne's teaching style.I was able to see her creative process and how she worked through mistakes in her artwork.This class has 26 videos and Wyanne constantly reassured and reminded you to loosen up. I also love that the videos were downloadable so that I can rewatch and learn.There is also a private blog in which to share with others.

2. Suzi Blu - Goddess and the poet Cost $55.00 If you know suzi ,she is a bit eccentric and has a unique teaching style . I had no drawing experience at all when I took this class but I did enjoy it . I still need to work my way through all of it. Suzi was very responsive as a teacher. Answered emails quickly .There is a forum for her students to interact but honestly I didn't interact much . The videos are downloadable and she provides nice color PDF's.

Les petite dolls- Cost $55.00. This class is geared towards beginners . Taught in true suzi blu style. I learned alot about colored pencils in both her classes. Great interaction for students, downloadable videos and pdf's .Lots of great information.

I also took An angel class, a petit marie class .

3.Monica Zuniga - When I took my first class with her she was running a special and you got three workshops for a special price. I cannot say enough about her Pencil Drawing class cost $60 dollars. I learned so much from this class. I really like Monica as a person and a teacher. She is just wonderful . I have taken many many classes with her and I will continue too . Downloadable videos and pdf's. You cannot go wrong with any of her classes.

4. Pam Carriker- Pursuing Portraits-Cost $70.00 I loved this class and I learned alot about shading . Only thing I did not like was the Video's are not downloadable.She does provide pdf's and you can return to watch the videos. I really wish the videos were downloadable.

I also took shades of grey and Visual Journalism . I loved her style.

5.Misty Mawn _ she just had a portrait class. Cost $100.00 .Let me just say if you get a chance to take a class with her.Take it. It was worth every penny. I liked her very much and she stretched us as students.Taught me so much about different mediums and was so personal when I emailed her questions. I will definitely take a class with her again if given a chance. she also had a private group for us on facebook , flickr and she had great music and links:)

6 Tamara Laporte -Fabulous faces class cost $ 45.00 GPB (around 68.00 US $) I am in week 5 of this class and I love it. Tam is supportive and a wonderful teacher.She provides beautiful pdf's, downloadable videos. She is very responsive to her students questions and I love that she even records video responses so we can actually see the answers.

I have also taken classes with Jane Desrosier but I can't comment yet because I still have yet to watch them . I do love her art though and I hope in the future to see more from her

so where to next??

I have signed up for a watercolor class with Michelle Brown and i am very excited to explore watercolor with her.

So my advice is if you are thinking of taking a class do it!!! If you know of any workshops that I didn't mention let me know maybe I would be interested. I really love faces and am trying to explore all I can right now.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Find

I chose to focus on this print today for my Friday find.It is a print created by Diana Evans. She dedicated it to our friend Renee, who has terminal breast cancer. She is donating some of the proceeds of the print to breast cancer research. If you would like to buy a copy of this touching print called "Fly In Love And Peace" you can find it here.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Our Beautiful Silver Bird..

Image has been removed because the artist asked me to.You may find it and her other artwork here.

I awoke this morning around 5 am . I sometimes like to get up early because my house is so silent then. I sat at my computer as I normally do with my coffee and started going through my reader to make my blog visits. My heart literally skipped a beat when I saw "Circling My Head". I was hoping that it would be Renee . As you know I met Renee through blog hoping and I remember so clearly reading her posts with tears streaming down my face .I could relate because I had an Aunt die of breast cancer and I understood her pain and I could relate to her posts. However , I was not expecting the connection that came after leaving my first comment. She had a way of reaching out and touching you on a very personal level. I know that many others in the blog world feel this way as well.She writes with such an openess and rawness tempered with tenderness and kindness. She became a friend to so many of us . She took the time when she was very ill to send the most encouraging and supportive messages.If you visit her blog and read the comments you will see just how important her words were to many. I love Renee and I am sad to report that the post this morning was from her daughter posting that her prognosis isn't good . Our Renee is preparing to leave but she will not leave us untouched . I remember in one of her post that she said it was important for her to tell her story and she was afraid that she would be forgotten. That is impossible because she left her touch on so many of us. She has a powerful voice one that sometimes left me not knowing exactly the right thing to say . One that sometimes left my heart aching for her. It aches today. I miss her posts . I know she is surrounded by many who love her and I wish her comfort and peace.

"I shall walk down the road.
I shall turn upon my feet
The kisses of Death like scented rain
For Death is a black slave with little silver birds
Perched in a sleeping wreath upon his head.
He will tell me, his voice like jewels
Dropped in a satin bag.
How he has tip-toed after me down the road,
His heart made a dark whirlpool with longing for me.
Then he will graze me with his hands
And I shall be one of the sleeping silver birds
Between the cold waves of his hair as he tiptoes on.
-Maxwell Bodenheim
Dear Death,
Please be gentle with our beautiful Renee and when you tip-toe to her may you graze her with your most loving touch as she becomes one of the most beautiful silver birds.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Watercolor Inspiration

I was inspired by a Free watercolor class that I watched online today .It was a class taught by Molly Murrah.Molly seemed to be a wonderful teacher but it seems they need to fix a few bugs. The live screen kept going blank after a few minutes in which I had to refresh but it was well taught. I think I will purchase the downloads . So the watercolor medium inspired me and I found these portraits done by an artist named Molly Brill
I thought you may enjoy the inspiration as well!

Friday Find

I chose Emily Balivet as a Friday find. I have great respect for her profile paintings because I know this is a tricky one to draw and she paints it so beautifully. I also love the magic captured and the beautiful way she paints hair.She is a great inspiration to me.Be sure to check out her art!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Together Strong.

I am joining in lighting a candle for Renee . Right now she is very ill . I met Renee while blog hopping one day and I was immediately drawn to her. Her words on her posts are both inspiring and sometimes leave me at a loss for words. She has been so loving and encouraging to me and many others.Though she has been struggling with so much loss and her own pain she still continued to post and visit our blogs with beautiful comments . So I knew through the silence that she must be ill. I miss you Renee. I hope you will feel our strength as we become Together Strong . Come home soon. Together Strong. Please join us in lighting a candle on your blog for Renee.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Fabulous Faces Portrait

I know I have mentioned before that I am in the process of taking the Fabulous Faces Workshop. I was a little behind because alot was going on .Tonight I watched the second video from class and this is the portrait I painted. I am just learning to add color to things. I used Caran d' ache crayons and acrylics and graphite with this portrait.She is not finished .I need to paint a background . For the first time tonight I wasn't totally frustrated with painting. I actually enjoyed it. Thanks Tam:).

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Friday Find

How beautiful are these paintings? When I was looking for an artist to feature I came across these pieces by artist Daniel F. Gerhartz. His work is so beautiful and so romantic . I love the feel and the brush strokes. His work touches my soul. He even has a video available in which they filmed him painting for a whole week .Just like looking over his shoulder. I remember reading that in older days the student actually moved in with his teacher to learn . Following his every move in the studio . Well this is one artist I wouldn't mind watching . I really love his work and I have a new appreciation because painting is difficult . I know, I am struggling to learn. right now my hands smell of oil from shiva painsticks (Oil paints) ,but this is what keeps me going, the hope that someday I can produce something beautiful . I hope you will check out his work!!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Snow Entertainment

We ended up with 36 inches of snow. The crazy man jumping into the snow in the video is my hubby. I am sure he will be complaining about his back tonight. I am glad they are all entertaining themselves.You can tell by the giggles that they all found it amusing:)

Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday Find

Isn't this a striking portrait?I love the emotion in the face .I also love that it isn't so overpowering with color. It is a piece by Roman Sprenger .Visit his Online Gallery here . I love that art is a universal language .There is no language Barrier with art .