Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Royal Bird

I was able to paint this morning . I was very discouraged over a piece of bad art but I am learning that the best way to get past it is let it go and just keep painting . I liked this piece .It is very colorful and fairytale like . The princess doesn't have a face because she didn't want one;)
I honestly don't think I would be painting if not for Wyanne's class . I am grateful that I am, wherever it leads .


  1. I've been there with the bad art! And you're right, it's best just to get straight back to the drawing board (pun alert!).

    I think what you've done here is stunning - it's like something from a fairy story of the Alice in Wonderland kind ie a magical faraway land. Beautiful! x

  2. Jackie!! I love this!! Wyanne is leading you the right way!

  3. I love all the color in this piece. So glad that Wyanne is in your artful life and leading you on. Don't we all need eachother to inspire and encourage us. Wonderful

  4. This is truly magical! I love where your painting is taking you, Jackie. And we've all been there with the bad art. Just move on and keep doing what you're doing. I so LOVE this painting.

  5. Hi Jackie, Love the colors and whimsy of this painting. I often paint something & when I am not liking it just keep right on changing it or moving on. It is just part of the process. But I could do without my bad art days that is for sure! Have a wonderful and creative week.
    ~ Theresa

  6. just darling jackie and i love that your princess doesn't want a face. sometimes i don't either. i've always wanted my face out of all photos because it just didn't look right to me, lol.
    i've missed your wit, come over and visit soon soul sister!

  7. this is amazing, i love the colours in this painting, they're lovely.