Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday ,Monday

Happy Monday, I know it's been a while since I posted so I thought I'd catch you up on what I have been up to. I was finally able to order my "Nook" , it's an e reader from Barnes and Nobel.It won't arrive until February ,but I am excited. I also found this cool shop on etsy called Mud Stuffing , I bought myself this coffee mug

He has some beautiful pieces if you want to check it out. I also signed up for a couple new workshops. No surprise ,right? I think I am addicted. Soon ,as I work through all of them ,I am going to do reviews on my blog ,so watch for those.They may be helpful for those of you who have never taken an online workshop and even for those who are just wondering about the classes.

One class that I have registered for is Fabulous Faces. I have never taken a class with Tam so I am looking forward to the start of it. You can check it out here . I am also taking my first Portrait class with Misty Mawn . Here is a sketch I did for the class.

I am sketching faces and going to try to do at least a sketch a day. Art can be very humbling.It is something that takes lots of practice and sometimes you produce something your proud of and then it reminds you not to get cocky about it by making the next time your draw a struggle.I think art has alot to teach me about patience and devotion and hard work . It has also taught me to truly see. I am seeing things I have never saw before and paying attention to details I would have taken for granted before. I tell myself if you just show up and put in the time you will progress. So that is where I am . I am learning and taking small steps. My word for the New year is "Trust" . I chose it because I need to learn to Trust myself and the process.I am also learning to slowly share some of my art. Thank you to all of you who teach and share your art. I am so grateful because I am learning through you.

Have a great Monday and don't forget to look for some reviews from me soon !


  1. Your sketch is fantastic! You are very talented, I look forward to seeing more!
    I also love your cool new coffee mug!

  2. Hi Jackie... love your openness and the way you share with us. Trust is a perfect word ~ so many ways that one could apply it to themselves. Thank you for making me think... and dream.



  3. Hi Jackie! What you say is so true - I picked two words for this year 'faith' & 'heal'. Love your sketch, we do have to show up as you say and oh boy can art be humbling :> See you in Misty's class!

  4. Great word--mine is patience for the exact same reason. I'm taking Suzi Blu's class on faces--the first step being sketching, which I've never done in my life before, and that's when I discovered my word for the year. The sketch is beautiful--she looks like Tam.

  5. Great work Jackie! I love the classes you're taking!! Have fun!

  6. Jackie, your sketch is awesome! You go, girl! Wow, I'm so glad to see your artwork. Keep posting your drawings. Perfect word for the year, too. Something I could work on.

  7. Jackie the sketch is amazing. You are an artist, seriously. You are already amazing and I love that you are taking your classes and learning all kinds of new things. In the end though you already have it and that is obvious.

    Love you dear one.

    Renee xoxoxo