Saturday, January 2, 2010

Want to curl up with a book and a nook ?

I do. I want one of these and if you do too go here for a chance to enter to win a nook.All you have to do to enter is post the link on your blog then go back let her know and also tell her about the books you want to load your "nook" up with. Part of my resolution this year is to read more in the new year. here is some on my to read list.
1.The fearful symmetry
2. Sarah's Key
3.The woods
4. The Pact
6.The road
and many many more..
So go check it out...


  1. I just finished the fearful symmetry. Excellent.

    Read the Road last year and couldn't put it down.


  2. just finished Shiver - it was a quick read and they're making it into a's definitely in the twilight vein...