Saturday, May 29, 2010

Where I have been..

Wow! I know I haven't posted in a while. So much has been going on that I haven't been doing alot artistically. We had my oldest daughters wedding shower last weekend.We had around 18 people here at our home .It turned out nice. Now, on to graduation. The same daughter Graduates June 4th and then we will be in complete wedding mode as she is getting married July 17th .I have been having some mixed feeling. I am happy for her but my first will be leaving the nest:( .

I have also been spending time reading. I have had a Barnes and Nobel nook for awhile and I love it! I found some groups on facebook that lets you lend books to each other. I have found that with the nook I have been reading lots more. I have always loved books and reading but we live in a small town and we are about 35 minutes from bookstores, so the nook has allowed me to have instant access to more books. I really just want to bury my feet in the sand and sit on the beach and just read.
I am still checking in with all of you . Following your blogs.


  1. I miss you, Jackie! I know you're busy with all of the wedding/graduation activities. Enjoy your time with your daughter. It's precious. I will always treasure my weeks preparing for my wedding with my Mom. Now that she's gone, I still laugh at some of our silliness as we were preparing for my wedding. I still haven't given up on getting a Nook! Hubby wants an we'll see. Take care!!

  2. We've missed you Jackie!! It's a busy time for you so enjoy this time!! We'll be here when you get back!!