Saturday, April 10, 2010

Wedding Planning and some Artful Inspiration..

We are in full wedding planning mode.My daughter is getting married July 17th. She also has senior prom AND graduation . We found her wedding gown this week ,picked out the bridesmaids dresses , flower girl dresses and today it's all about the Cake.I have alot of mixed feelings .This will be my first to leave the" nest". I love the man she is marrying but I still think she is so young (19) . My sister is her "Wedding planner". I just really don't know alot about the whole wedding process. I have been married for 23 years and I got married for 25 dollars at the courthouse . So weddings are a little out of my element . Plus I have been accused of having ideas over budget (LOL). Imagine that?? When we all went to Michaels this week to check a few wedding things, I was distracted by art supplies. What do they expect right?
The above photos are of the castle where she is getting married . She is having her wedding outdoors.We visited there again this week too . My sister had to do all these little things there that I really know nothing about.
On another note....
Here are a few things I find inspiring this week.

I fell in love with these prayer boxes as soon as I saw them. Nancye was so sweet to put together a little class on her art doll site .If you want to learn to make these you can!

Also aren't we all looking to find our own voice as artist's ? I have been waiting for this Gut Art class by Mystele.It is all about learning to find who you are as an artist. So if you are interested check it out! I have alot to say on "Finding your own voice" but right now I just don't have the right words to put a voice to mine. I do have faith that we all have our own and with a little searching I think we all have something uniquely creative and authentic to offer.I will do a post on this later.
Another Place I have been finding inspiration lately is Kat Ostrow . There is something about her work that draws me in and ignites this passion in me to find my own way. I love the looseness in her work .It stirs something in myself that I can't get to right now. So go visit her.
I hope you have a wonderful weekend and are able to find lots of inspiration of your own !


  1.'re busy!!!! I love your inspiration sites. Will definitely check them out more! Enjoy the planning...July will be here before you know it!

  2. I am in love with that castle, especially right now because I've been watching The Tudors :) When my daughter got married, she lived in the state of Washington, and we live in PA, so she basically did it herself. It's alot of work!! I love the prayer boxes, and I loved Mystele's gut art class when I took it.

  3. Congrats on the wedding but it's tough marrying them off so young. My daughter was the same age when she got married. I tried to talk her out of it but she didn't listen. She's happy and I bet your daughter will be too. Have fun with the planning, it's a great opportunity for even more mom and daughter bonding.

  4. Congrats on your daughter's upcoming wedding!! The castle is gorgeous. I'm sure it will be beautiful!!

  5. ah wedding planning... :)

    yes, that is purple in my hair. i had pink in it before (since last june actually) and decided to go with some purple instead this time. it needs freshened up already. i definitely think you should get some purple in your hair!! hugs!!

  6. Hi. I just found your comment on one of my blogs I don't write in very often and came in to say hi. You have a lovely blog.

    And I wanted to say something about letting go in art... not worrying about whether it's good or not. It's not just getting lost in the process, but it's getting comfortable with the process, and trusting that you can deal with the outcome.

    How to get there? My way has always been to lower the stakes. I started by painting really small. I had 5x7 watercolor pads and travel kits. I would sketch and play in my small journals. And I would do it a lot. The more often you do it, the easier it gets. And also, when I started doing a painting a day, I learned that if I fought through to the end I could often create something unexpected and beautiful, even when I thought it was a mess.

    And sometimes it does turn out to be a mess, and you know what? that's okay, too. It's not the end of the world. You just start a new painting.

    I'm glad I popped over here. And have fun at your daughter's wedding.

  7. Hi Jackie! Hey, Happy Birthday to your daughter. We both were busy on April 19th, although your daughter is 9 yrs younger than mine.

    How exciting for your daughter to be married on the grounds of a castle! So romantic! I have two daughters and they both got married the same year and 10 weeks apart. Truly, it was exhausting but beautiful. So I understand fully all the wedding planning stuff. Enjoy every moment if you can, since it is such a special time. Someone suggested I write a letter to my daughters releasing them into their new lives before they tied the knot. I'm glad I did it because it prepared me to let them fly out of the nest.

  8. I am taking Pam's class. I am struggling as well with my art. So you are not alone. I to get caught up with "mistakes" pages. I even was starting to tear out my pages from my moleskine because I could not complete them or they where just too "ugly". Yes their is that critic. I am no longer going to do that. They will stay in the journal and stay unfinished if that is how it is. But, it is all part of who I am and the process of learning. I am going to check out this class.

  9. beautiful place to get married...