Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Paynes Gray Portrait..

This is my first portrait for Alma's paynes gray portrait class .I really had fun with it.Some of the new classes I am taking are very liberating .I just had fun with this:)


  1. She is very cool--thanks for adding the link. I never heard of this class!

  2. Cool blog, found u through my cuz Jayne's blog, "Harnett-Hargove"
    Peace to you.
    "Friend" me, if u wish, at Facebook, using "Lisa Nanette Allender".

  3. hi jackie!so glad you liked it! I had a bit of a technological malfunction at the beginning of the tonight's show and i forgot to record it!!!! I wont be making that mistake again! Will definitely hit record next tuesday night! I'm so glad you left a comment so i could come and see your gorgeous place here in the global village! I'll be back in regularly to see your beautiful creations - thanks so much for sharing, and for taking the time to comment at my place as well :)
    have a great week!
    x donna <3

  4. oh WOW! This is wonderful and what an interesting class. I agree with Alma about the Paynes gray---haunting..but wonderful.

  5. Hi Jackie, thank you so much for the confirmation. I feel Renee as given me this. I haven't had this thought before and the idea just popped into my head. Truly given.
    She is looking after us all from heaven.

    I feel so honored and happy, Renee is wonderful!



  6. Just love the paynes grey lady!

  7. Jackie, thanks dear for your encouraging comment on my most recent post. Can't believe I did it. I wanted to be encouraging to someone else and all I could see was the before pics. ugh! Thanks again.

  8. Hi Hon! You are just taking leaps and bounds into your art!!! YAY!
    I am passing a lovely blog award onto you my dear. After all the inspiration you give to us so freely, you deserve it! Find out about it here....

  9. Go Jackie, thanks for the sunshine--lord knows we all need it. I hear you girl, you just want to let go. I do too, and have the same demonic voice telling me I'm not good enough. Got to break through it.
    <3 jane aka kreativekandy

  10. J - I truly love your evolving work. What a beautiful piece. I am enjoying watching you grow as an artist. Bravo!