Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Back to school?

I am so excited about the classes I am seeing online. If you have never taken an online class, you should! I love workshops. No hassle and you work at your own pace . I really believe that being creative is something that we all were born to do and it is so healing and good for your soul . For some reason when we start to be creative in the form of artwork we are met with our fears .Right away they make theirselves known . We compare ourselves , judge ourselves , ridicule . I love that alot of the new classes and teachers are focusing on these issues as well . I know for me , judging only hinders my ability to be creative and it takes the fun away. I wonder why Art isn't a bigger part of our lives?
I love this post by Juliette Crane where she talks about courage. She says that creativity is a "constant discovery and unraveling of ourselves".Her blog is wonderful and worth a visit . She is also having a giveaway . So check her out!
Now onto Classes...
World of Whimsy 2 , Tamara is such a wonderful teacher and her views are so healing. I am currently taking this class . She is also going to be offering a FREE course called" The heart of art" you can learn about it here . I think it is so loving of her to offer it .
Mixed Media Faces is a class with Monica Zuniga . I just signed up for it . Monica is another very loving teacher that focuses on creating without judgement . I have taken many many classes with her and I can't say enough about her.
Painting Free with Wyanne , I am so excited to see Wyanne offering this class. She is awesome! notice again that this class focuses on freeing yourself up:)
Towers and Turrets, I was so excited when I saw this Promo . I love the name and I have been wanting to take a class with Sharon for awhile.
So what do you think? Are you ready to go back to school?


  1. I'm going to be checking out some of these people next week. I'm really feeling the need to be couragous in making art and move forward.
    You encourage and inspire me in your journey.

  2. Hi Jackie - just wanted to say thank you so much for your lovely kind words on my blog. I really appreciate the support and am sorry that things have been hard for you too. It seems most of my friends are going through some kind of personal upheaval recently - must be something in the stars!
    Anyway, interesting post about online classes; I signed up to one with Julie Prichard - am massively behind but am looking forward to it as I loved one I did with her before. Also I met Tam when I moved here to Brighton and she is as lovely in real life - she definitely lives the way she seems! Anyway, going to check out the other names you mentioned now... (We'll be ok!!)