Friday, August 27, 2010

The Secret lives of Princesses and a sketch ..

My sketch for tonight .
This evening as I was sketching the Ups truck came and I was expecting a few supplies that I bought on ebay. I went downstairs to get the package and on top was a Barnes and Nobel box.I thought that was odd since I have a nook and hadn't ordered a real book in a little while . I opened the box to find a gift from my mom and her partner .An early Birthday Present!! I was surprised ! I am usually hard to surprise because I buy my own gifts and have even been known to order my own birthday cake .
You want to know what it was? it was this . Just look at the illustrations. The book is even more beautiful in person .It is a treasure trove of inspiration ! I love the illustrator. Anyway , I thought I would share .


  1. Happy Early Birthday! :) I have been so caught up with stuff I miss out on reading blogs I follow but I want you to know yours is always so nice and inspiring to come to. That book looks really neat! :)

  2. Yes, Happy early Birthday! Thank you for your comment and question-I made an edit to the instructions based on your question so hopefully it is clearer now. Your sketches are really great btw. And your new book - wonderful and inspiring!

  3. Oh, what an awesome gift! Happy Birthday too! Now you made me go and order this. ;) Plus, your sketches are totally wonderful and so inspiring. Thank you for being MY inspiration.