Sunday, August 22, 2010

a place to call your own

"I wanted a place where I could wake up and look out a window and see the mountainside across the clove, a place that felt like a secret tree house, a place all my own." - Sandy Foster
Oh , how I can relate . You have to read the Fosters article here . I really loved the story and it reminded me how a dream can happen even on a limited budget. I loved the photo of her in those pink wellies , I think it shows her spunk .Her blog is here . I am so in love with this little cottage. My husband and I are working on getting our house on the market . We have 5.5 acres near our present home . We are wanting to pair down our lives some without a mortgage so that we can both do more things we love. When I saw this cottage an idea was born . I have seen many little cottages I like and used to save pictures on my computer . I have a perfect little spot in the woods for a cottage on our other land . Wouldn't it be a wonderful place to read and draw ? I love solitude . What about you ? Wouldn't you love a little space of your own ?


  1. Thank you so much for your sweet comment about my art and for visiting. Isn't Sophia great!
    I would LOVE a hideaway like this little cottage! I have five kids at home and sometimes (most of the time) finding a quiet spot to create is impossible. I am now dreaming about a cottage in the corner of our property where I can be quiet, reflect and create! Why not?!
    Great blog, I look forward to following. Thanks also for the link information for the free art class. I have been wanting to take an online class, and this is a great chance to give it a try.


  2. I relate so much to this right now as, for the past four years, we've spent in apartments since we sold our house in Ohio. We've paired down and down sized our belongings and i so desire a place to call our own.
    That little cottage idea would be a wonderful artful retreat for you. I hope you go for it and blog about it along the way. I'm looking forward to all you'll have to share as you sell your house and see your dream come to reality.
    High hopes for you

  3. I'd love to have a little studio someplace close to the sea. It won't happen but I can dream I suppose :) Thanks for your comments on my blog. The funny thing is that I do not see a dog either, I just followed the instructions and I ended up in a different place that expected I suppose ... The book is Drawing lab for mixed media artists by Carla Sonheim found here Take care!

  4. Thank you for your comment. Yes, the cottage would be a wonderful 'getaway' sort of like when we were kids and we would build a 'fort' in the yard.