Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Strike a Pose...

Kelly Berkey posted about wanting to draw the human form . She set up her camera to catch still shots of herself during her ballet workout. I loved some of the poses. Kelly has a beautiful dancers body and I think she is capable of holding some beautiful poses. Alot of us don't have access to live models to draw from . So Kelly is going to start a weekly challenge . She will post a pose and we can all draw from it . I think this is a fantastic opportunity for us to learn together . I hope you will visit kelly here and participate in the challenge . We can all inspire each other .


  1. Jackie,
    thanks so much for posting this and your kind, kind words! First post will be up tonight! I'll post a new pose each Thursday and on Wednesdays we can share what we created the week before!
    Hugs to you, you have really inspired me to get started on my dream!

  2. What a wonderful collaboration!
    Great idea :)

  3. Great idea! This is the next best thing to a live model. Wonderful poses to start!