Monday, September 20, 2010

Stuck .

I am feeling stuck . Stuck , you know that place where frustration takes over and you want to pitch your art supplies ! It's like wanting to speak in a language you haven't yet learned to speak . I struggle to draw . I feel comfortable using pencil but as soon as I try to move beyond that medium frustration sets in . I have been trying to sketch with charcoal to get something down on paper to use my beautiful pastels but when i hold charcoal it just feels unnatural to me , different than graphite.I love the look of loose lines but I seem to have trouble producing them . I just need some direction .Sometimes I feel lost. What do you do in times like these ?


  1. I guess I just try not to expect too much, if i'm having a 'drawing' block, then I'll do some sketching in front of the tele I find that this loosens me up as I'm not concentrating so hard and i let my mind wander. As for trying different mediums just allow yourself to practice and not put too much pressure on yourself :0) You'll get there!!

  2. Well, I do know where you are....I think. I think what helps me most is to step back. I step back and do what I know and love...paint and use color. Sounds like you love the pencil. Your work that I've seen when you play in the medium you enjoy is where I see a shine. Don't put unecessary pressure or expectations on yourself. Keep moving forward. I will too :)

  3. I tend to have the same feeling often these days! I think almost every artist has an art block every now and then, so it's safe to say you're not alone in this situation. I think it's important not to force yourself to draw since things generally tend to turn out better when you feel like drawing, or at least they do for me. Anyway, everything takes time, your art is wonderful and I'm sure it'll continually progress better and better and you'll pick up those different mediums in time :)

  4. jackie, i so know what you are talking about! you should see the poor job i did with this week's challenge...but that is part of being an artist. i think sometimes we struggle and sometimes we are just on fire. me, i'm struggling right now, but so inspired by everyone else, so i'm going to push through it and i know you will too!
    join us on next weeks challenge:-)

  5. I completely understand how you feel. I find that sometimes doing a loose quick sketch of something works as you are less worried about the outcome.

    Why don't you try taping charcoal to a stick or the end of a paintbrush and then use that to draw with. Can add some fun and maybe inspiration too!

    Good luck!