Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Beauty In strength...

Honestly a month ago I didn't even know the definition of mixed media art.Somehow when I was blurfing my way along one link led to another .Literally sometimes I was so taken by a piece of art that it would bring me close to tears .Today it did bring me to literal tears.Along the way I found the artist Pam Carriker.I remember the first time I visited her blog ,I was so drawn to the colors , the faces , all of it.I emailed Pam and I remember that she directed me to a place I could find more info because for the first time I saw something called an art journal.At that moment all the things I was attracted to made perfect sense.The quotes I would save, the vintage things I loved, old books. A place that would incorporate it all .I still haven't begun but the seed has been planted.I had intended to find my way . The idea of this blog was there. Then today literally I cried and decided it was time to start.Here is why...

It is a painting by Pam called " Beauty in strength". You can read her inspiration for this piece on her blog , but , as soon as I saw it ,I knew, before I even read the story.You see ,I have seen this face of strength before .I Have watched this determination .For me ,this was the face of my aunt, a face of someone I loved.Sadly, my aunt did not win her battle with breast cancer.This September the 13th she will have been gone 4 years .She was a woman with the most beautiful spirit and the expression of determination and strength is one that is easily recognizable in many who are battling this disease.Before she passed away I dreamt of her and in the dream she turned into this beautiful butterfly ,I cannot even describe how beautiful the butterfly was , so when I also saw the butterflies in this painting it made it even more meaningful to me. The writing on the painting says" I don't think of the misery but of the Beauty that still remains" and that is the truth , that's what I remember, her beauty, that strength , that will remain with me forever. I bought this piece today and I will cherish it forever.Thank you Pam !

Pam is also going to make prints of this to sell in her etsy shop and all proceeds will go to the Susan G Komen foundation

Right after my aunt passed away I wrote this for her and I thought it might be appropriate to share it here...

My biggest fear is that no one will know...

how you were so much bigger than your disease,

how you found humor in the unlikeliest of situations,

how you smiled through pain,

how you found courage in the face of fear,

how you held hope through hopelessness,

how your eyes twinkled brighter than your baldness,

how you became determined to beat the unbeatable,

how you fought with hope until your very last breath,

how you believed in the strength of all women,

how you inspired me to be better than I was,

You were beautiful.

You had a beauty so bright your disease was dimmed by it.

You had a spirit that will not be quieted by death ,

and my biggest fear is that no one will know....

~In memory of Debra Overbaugh Adams


  1. Oh Jackie... now I am crying too. My grandmother wore this face for some time. She won the battle, but is always vigilant that the war is about to begin again. Your poem is so beautiful and touching... completely moving. Thank you so much for sharing you.

    Hugs (and tears),


  2. Jackie..... that was absolutely beautiful. I have not lost anyone to breast cancer but lost people that meant the world to me. Your post and especially your poem moved & touched me.