Saturday, August 29, 2009

Embracing ART

Most people who know me, know that when I get involved with something I am an all or nothing woman.So as usual and true to my form , I have gotten myself into several art classes. I became interested in mixed media art and in particular the faces . I'm excited but seriously I need an intervention. I am so facinated that I can take a class from my home and learn with these wonderful artists but I can't take them all at once right ? right? . I am almost afraid to click for fear I may want another one,LOL. So , I am going to give my all to what I have signed up for .Here is where you can find me.. 1> HANDS AND HEART with Monica Zuniga ,She is a wonderful teacher and I love her voice and she is so kind. I signed up for the magical kit and I have four classes there.Right now I am working on the pencil drawing course, which I LOVE.
2. (This one I am blaming on a tweet) Suzi Blu's Les petit Academy . I am taking the Goddess and Poet class, it just started.What can I say it's Suzi Blu? So as you can see my hands are full .
3. Paulette Insall's , All about faces class (thank goodness it's not until Oct) , but I am excited for that one as well.

When I was younger I wanted to be a makeup artist, I loved looking at how I could transform faces but I got married young and didn't really think about that dream anymore but you know what ? I think in this way maybe I can reclaim a piece of that dream. Did I mention that when I was young I never had an interest in art? Not even coloring .Somehow though it has been a part of my life and is helping me learn about myself .I never even knew I liked art but I am embracing it now. I have never even tried to draw but when I first saw faces and mixed media art ,I knew I wanted to learn . So I hope to share my journey here and I hope to embrace other artists as well, all of us learning from each other . I want to give a special shout out to one of my fellow beginners , who is finding her way in art too. I found her post so beautiful and so raw and honest , and I think we can all see a piece of ourselves in her lovely post. I wish for all of us who want to be artistic that we can embrace those parts of ourselves and with lots of practice excel and share our uniqueness.Here's to us!!

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