Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I have had many lovers...

One day I came across this post .In it the writer compares her interests to new lovers. I have had many lovers. Once when i went in a music store and looked at a violin , I was infatuated, i bought it and in my 30's decided i wanted to play.I took lessons from a very young talented woman , who wanted me to play twinkle twinkle little star in front of an audience,,, GASP!! Did you know playing a violin is difficult? Once during a lesson she picked up her viola and I was more in love, I wanted to play both ..lol . So my teacher , whom i adored , moved away and with it my went my new found infatuation. Don't get me wrong ,I still look longingly at my violin but it sits unplayed in a corner.I am surrounded by books calling my name. I have dvds on Knitting and needles and yarn because I fell in love with the peacefulness of it.Oh did i mention I also have crochet dvd's because I fell in love with a pattern that needed both..lol.I have an art room all to myself because I fell in love with scrapbooking that then led to stamping . That lover has led me into lots of self exploring and still entices me.. I could go on and on and on. Would you like to meet my new lover? My new lover showed up unexpectedly , as I was surfing the internet, beautiful and seductive, called to me, igniting in me passion . It was this thing called Mixed media art .and this lover encompassed all the infatuations I have.Vintage items, Words,Color,Faces,stamping .. it was love at first sight! I longed to learn to draw and paint .This lover awakened in me hidden desires. So when I read this post . I knew, knew I needed to nurture these lovers .I am going to embrace them when I can. I am going to let them seduce me and see where it leads.If it doesn't work out , I will take what I learn and move on . Maybe just maybe I will find one that will be a lifetime passion . So here is two ways I am nuturing these passions.
I am taking this class, the painting faces one, with Paulette Insall in october and I found this Magical kit that includes 3 workshops with Monica Zuniga for an amazing price for this week only.Oh , and I am hoping to win this workshop . Boy it's sounds like this new lover has my head spinning !! here is a little preview of Monica Zuniga
Be careful ,, you might find yourself in the arms of a new lover...

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  1. Oooo... so glad I'm not the ONLY person who flits from one lover to the next! I have a stack of rubbermaid boxes in my basement that represent each of my past loves - dried flowers in one, leather in another, a half-knit sweater in a third. Now I'm on to watercolour, and mixed media has also been seducing me.