Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Color of truth

If I could paint truth using a color ,I would choose Yellow, a transparent bright yellow. A yellow so bright that sometimes you would need glasses to behold its brightness.Why? because truth is light and there is no darkness in truth.Transparent because the truth is something that you can always see through , no secrets hiding underneath it. Andre Gide writes " The color of truth is gray " .I have been thinking alot about the " truth " and what our responsibility to the truth is and how hard it is for some to look into its glaring light and how some walk through life shrouded in a cloud of lies unwilling to see the truth. Maybe Andre Gide thought the color of truth was grey because there is such a fine line in truth . A fine line we walk daily . I am by nature a very blunt person .I believe in the power of truth .I believe that facing the truth, however hard, allows us to grow as people. I search out the truth in myself because I know that in those truths is the real me. What is our responsibility to the truth though? Should we offer people our truths without them asking us for it? What if the truth is something they are unavoidably trying not to face? What if their untruths are uncomfortable for me? Should I sit with the uncomfortableness and allow them to remain in their own darkness because its not my business? I picture these untruths like a person sleeping in a dark room .Is it my job as a truthseeker to come in and jerk open the dark curtains and let in some light? Is it my job to tell an abuser that he is abusive when in his mind he is a good husband? Should I tell an addict that I see the addiction they are hiding? Should I tell the teenager who is pregnant with her second child that I see her mistakes? Should I turn my cheek to prejudice even though I flinch at the ignorance ? I have made mistakes, I have went through times of darkness , we all do , but when you are trying to live in the light , how do you handle the darkness? Some of the most life changing things for me in my life was when someone looked me straight in my eyes and said " I don't agree" or took my hand and said " turn around, you are headed in the wrong direction". Sometimes I needed a slap of reality and truth .So when darkness is near ,how do I protect my light? What if my light infringes on someones darkness and they aren't ready? What is my responsibility to the truth? What color is truth for you?

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