Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Some things to share..

Every day when I am surfing the internet or twittering (oh yes, I twitter) I come across some amazing people. I am also taking some art classes online ,as I mentioned before ,and I have met some there as well. SO I want to share a few places to visit with you . Maybe you will find some inspiration as well.
The Chocolate Chip Waffle , not only is the name yummy but the blog is as well.
Pam T's Art Loft , Her art inspires me. ( I wanna draw like her when I grow up ) lol
Melly Hocking, She always leaves me thinking and inspires me to dig deeper (thank you)
Create something today (aka. Crafty Tassy) she inspires me to create , and she is the warmest person.She will be doing an art journal class soon and she has a passion for art and teaching that shows. Thank you Tassy!!
I don't have alot to show in the way of art right now because I am learning and practicing my grey scale. I do have lots of new supplies coming . Whoo hoo!!

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  1. Hi Jackie! Yay, I found you! I share your enthusiasm for the classes (faces, especially)! I had to laugh when you said you're afraid to click on any more for fear you'll sign up. I could have written that! You WILL be a success in whatever art you pursue. :)

    Pam T.