Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Find

I chose to focus on this print today for my Friday find.It is a print created by Diana Evans. She dedicated it to our friend Renee, who has terminal breast cancer. She is donating some of the proceeds of the print to breast cancer research. If you would like to buy a copy of this touching print called "Fly In Love And Peace" you can find it here.


  1. This is a beautiful print, and for a great cause. Very lovely~

  2. Sorry that you are going through such a tough time (and your friend) . . . . I just wanted to say that I love the print and also your wonderful quote at the head of your blog: Walking a path to be true to oneself is so important.

    Thank you.


  3. I have never been here before and I am glad I found you just by scrolling through Silke's links.

    WOWOWOWOWOW! I love your facial sketches, excellent rendering.

    I loved scrolling though your blog! Your header rocks!

  4. Hi Jackie! I'm smitten with your blog header! So inspiring and beautifully illustrated... I think it's great that you're pursuing your dream in art by taking classes, we should all keep learning, it's the best process! (^_^)

  5. I'm in LOVE with your artwork! You do some great watercolor faces. You're even inspiring me to take some of Suzi's classes. I SUCK at faces.
    You also seem to like some of the same books as me. Just got Fallen to read and want to read Hush Hush. Been on a YA Vampire/FanFict spree since Twilight.
    What I don't know is who you are on Twitter! I'm pretty sure I follow you but am not putting the real name with the Twitter name. lol Tweet me and tell me!