Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Together Strong.

I am joining in lighting a candle for Renee . Right now she is very ill . I met Renee while blog hopping one day and I was immediately drawn to her. Her words on her posts are both inspiring and sometimes leave me at a loss for words. She has been so loving and encouraging to me and many others.Though she has been struggling with so much loss and her own pain she still continued to post and visit our blogs with beautiful comments . So I knew through the silence that she must be ill. I miss you Renee. I hope you will feel our strength as we become Together Strong . Come home soon. Together Strong. Please join us in lighting a candle on your blog for Renee.


  1. Jackie this post is so beautiful.
    Together strong!

    Loads of love!


  2. I feel the same way about Renee! I think about her every single day!
    Together Strong!!

  3. Hi Jackie,
    Such a touching post!
    My thoughts and prayers go to your friend Renee.
    Together strong !

  4. I'm with you Jackie. Renee is one of the most special woman I have ever "met". May those 'bats' be vanquished so she can return home to her family soon!