Thursday, February 11, 2010

Friday Find

How beautiful are these paintings? When I was looking for an artist to feature I came across these pieces by artist Daniel F. Gerhartz. His work is so beautiful and so romantic . I love the feel and the brush strokes. His work touches my soul. He even has a video available in which they filmed him painting for a whole week .Just like looking over his shoulder. I remember reading that in older days the student actually moved in with his teacher to learn . Following his every move in the studio . Well this is one artist I wouldn't mind watching . I really love his work and I have a new appreciation because painting is difficult . I know, I am struggling to learn. right now my hands smell of oil from shiva painsticks (Oil paints) ,but this is what keeps me going, the hope that someday I can produce something beautiful . I hope you will check out his work!!
Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Wow, he does beautiful work. Thanks for the link. Hope you are liking your Shiva's!

  2. Thanks for introducing me to this artist. His work is great!