Saturday, February 20, 2010

Our Beautiful Silver Bird..

Image has been removed because the artist asked me to.You may find it and her other artwork here.

I awoke this morning around 5 am . I sometimes like to get up early because my house is so silent then. I sat at my computer as I normally do with my coffee and started going through my reader to make my blog visits. My heart literally skipped a beat when I saw "Circling My Head". I was hoping that it would be Renee . As you know I met Renee through blog hoping and I remember so clearly reading her posts with tears streaming down my face .I could relate because I had an Aunt die of breast cancer and I understood her pain and I could relate to her posts. However , I was not expecting the connection that came after leaving my first comment. She had a way of reaching out and touching you on a very personal level. I know that many others in the blog world feel this way as well.She writes with such an openess and rawness tempered with tenderness and kindness. She became a friend to so many of us . She took the time when she was very ill to send the most encouraging and supportive messages.If you visit her blog and read the comments you will see just how important her words were to many. I love Renee and I am sad to report that the post this morning was from her daughter posting that her prognosis isn't good . Our Renee is preparing to leave but she will not leave us untouched . I remember in one of her post that she said it was important for her to tell her story and she was afraid that she would be forgotten. That is impossible because she left her touch on so many of us. She has a powerful voice one that sometimes left me not knowing exactly the right thing to say . One that sometimes left my heart aching for her. It aches today. I miss her posts . I know she is surrounded by many who love her and I wish her comfort and peace.

"I shall walk down the road.
I shall turn upon my feet
The kisses of Death like scented rain
For Death is a black slave with little silver birds
Perched in a sleeping wreath upon his head.
He will tell me, his voice like jewels
Dropped in a satin bag.
How he has tip-toed after me down the road,
His heart made a dark whirlpool with longing for me.
Then he will graze me with his hands
And I shall be one of the sleeping silver birds
Between the cold waves of his hair as he tiptoes on.
-Maxwell Bodenheim
Dear Death,
Please be gentle with our beautiful Renee and when you tip-toe to her may you graze her with your most loving touch as she becomes one of the most beautiful silver birds.


  1. This is an absolutely beautiful tribute to our dear friend. There is no one else like Renee.

    Love and hugs,

  2. What an amazing tribute. Renee has touched and blessed my life as well.

  3. What a beautiful tribute, Jackie.

  4. This just makes me angry. No one should die of cancer.

  5. What a lovely post sweetie.
    It is so hard, yet moving... to see the tragedy and triumph people live through. I 'met' her a while back when she visited me with lovely words.... through you I think. It gets me all choked up too.
    She will fly with beauty and grace...
    wishing I was there to have tea, so we could talk about lovely & inspiring things.

  6. Apologies if I can't seem to find your email to email this message Jackie, and tried also to reach you via Google connect, but no luck.

    I want to say that I sincerely share your sorrow over your friend, but the painting you are using is just not available for bloggers to post. Can you please replace the image?

  7. this was a beautiful post. hope you are feeling better sweetie. hugs!!

  8. Hi Jackie...thank you for popping by....Renee is a wonderful friend....The print is still it sells we added a direct link instead of a link to the section for Renee...

    I updated the shop with a section now in case you would like one...

    And if you would like to help spread the word that would be wonderful too....

    Thank you for popping in!

  9. Hi Jackie, thanks for stopping by, I'm so glad you did, I was totally moved by that beautiful poem. My heart is heavy for Renee too, shes been a beautiful friend if only for too short a time. I pray that Her Angel is with her comforting her and her family now

  10. Hi Jackie, you are such a dear friend. We are all grateful that Renee opened a blog and came to us. We won't forget her, we couldn't. She is everything your said and remarkable!

    So enjoyed looking at your previous posts about your art journey's. Beautiful art!



  11. Wow, this post touched my heart.

    This is the first time I've had a moment to visit your blog since we met on Twitter.

    I'll add you to my regular blog reading with pleasure.


  12. I can't believe the artist made you take a way the picture! Did she not even read your post? WOW! It would have been a credit to her and now it is visible that her compassion is lacking. How sad.
    Well.... You can borrow my pieces anytime.. hehehe
    Love ya girl