Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday Find

Isn't this a striking portrait?I love the emotion in the face .I also love that it isn't so overpowering with color. It is a piece by Roman Sprenger .Visit his Online Gallery here . I love that art is a universal language .There is no language Barrier with art .


  1. Hey hon!!!! How is it going over here? Things going well? Missed my blogging buddies while I was away... But I am back now. Love your Friday Find posts... great idea and very inspirational too! Talk to you soon. xxoo Carrie

  2. Hi Jackie,
    thanks for sharing this work of art, it isn't overdone by any means, you're right, but it does however speak volumes!

    come by and visit me sometime on my blog....

    have a great night!

  3. Gosh, yes, that is a stunning portrait. Speaking of, how are yours coming along? I did a few more on Fri and will post them later this week. I am still so far behind, though!