Friday, September 18, 2009

Beginning the "Joy diet" with "Nothing"...

I had this book on my bookshelf for a while now . I had forgotten I even had it until I saw that it was going to be a blog along at Jamie Riddler Studios . I tweeted that if I had the book I would join in . When I pulled the book off the bookshelf I saw where I had bookmarked into it a few chapters but I never finished it. I wondered why? so last night I opened it and started to read the first chapter and my first thoughts were oh no , I remember , this is the book that started with wanting me to do "Nothing". Right away I remembered the anxiety I felt with the idea of being still and doing nothing.As I read the chapter again I still felt the anxiety but the message is much clearer to me now. I actually chuckled along with Martha . I do not have a full time job . I have plenty of time to do "Nothing" but I am always surrounded with books, blogging, twittering , projects, and art. My mind is always racing like a rabid squirrel ( as Martha says). For some reason being still , really still , frightens me. So we will see how I make out this week. I am looking forward to following along with all of you on this journey . I am hoping to get some insight from some of you . I loved that Jamie suggests that we look for the little things that bring us joy , so that we start to notice it. I also love the idea of the little art cards. I am hoping to bring more joy into my life on this journey and maybe quiet myself enough to hear the real me. I am very happy to be sharing this with all of you. Finally a diet where gaining is the GOAL!


  1. Hi Jackie, I'm so glad you stopped by my blog! I'm so happy to be embarking on the joy diet along with you - that's a diet that sounds like fun! ;-) And thanks for your kind comments about my art - six months ago, I had never even held a paint brush and suddenly I felt the urge to paint. Can't wait to see some of your art!! :) Silke

  2. Hi Jackie, I share that anxiety about "nothing." Seems like a challenging place to start, even though I can see how it's a foundation too. And we're in such good company - I'm more excited about this book, it's challenges & discoveries, as I visit each blog and meet another person we'll be sharing this with. Lots of thoughtful creative folks.

    I'm so glad The Joy Diet introduced us! :)

  3. Hi Jackie. There seem to be a few of us rabid squirrels in the group. Hope you have fun doing nothing. I'm actually finding in easier than I thought. I'm so looking forward to having you as a companion on this journey.

    Peace and goodness to you.

  4. Hi Jackie, I'm so glad you've joined us for the joy journey! I wonder how you'll feel about nothing by the end of the week :)

    There was a problem with your link before, but I seem to have fixed it, so we're all set.

    Here's to gaining joy!

  5. Looking forward to sharing this JOYful journey with you!

  6. I like that you put it this way~ "a diet where gaining is the goal!" I hear you! thanks for stopping by and saying hello. I believe that you are going to do just fine with nothing. :) this is going to be fun and I am happy to journey with you Jackie.