Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Inspiration Wednesday..

I have found so much inspiration the last week that I want to share my"Inspirations " with you.
1. Jamie for the idea of Inspiration Wednesday.
2.Melissa Haslam, An Australian artist , her artwork is so amazing to me. She inspires me to want to learn to draw and she sent me the nicest email with suggestions for learning. I am in love with the faces she draws and the way she combines bontanicals. I hope someday to at least own a print. Visit her blog .
3. Fatima Ronquillo , an artist from San Fernando, Philippines, I first discovered her on twitter , she inspires me because she opens herself up so warmly. On her blog she shares works in progress, peeks into her studio and more. She is a "self taught" artist, which amazes me . I find inspiration in her work because if it's possible for her she opens up the possibility for you and I . One of the things I love about her was this statement "I paint because of the naive desire to see an idea transform into a pictorial poem. Ideas hail from dreams or visual flashes inspired by memory, artwork, music or literature - all the things I live and love. With a painter's language of color, tone and form, I express lyric poems of joy, love, wonderment and nostalgia". How beautiful is that? That is exactly why I want to draw. Read more about her here .
4. Mondo Beyondo a 5 week class that I am going to be taking about "Dreaming Big" because thats what life is all about right??

What do you find Inspirational right now?

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  1. Ohhh! I want to take Mondo Beyondo class soooo badly! I find my wonderful friends, my adorable boys and my great hubby inspirational!!!!