Sunday, September 13, 2009

Remembering Debbie...

Today has been 4 years since my Aunt Debbie ( Debra Overbaugh Adams) passed away from breast cancer . I thought as a way of sharing her with you and as a way for me to memorialize her I would make a list of some things about her so you can share in her memory too.
1.She had auburn hair
2. When you got a letter from her it was 10 - 12 pages long( front and back)
3. She didn't have a loud laugh it was more a grin where her eyes twinkled.
4. She loved to talk and was very open
5.She was a dreamer
6.She lived in Germany for a little while
7. She was married 4 times.
8. She was the picture taker in our family
9. She had one brother ( my father ) who we lost at 41 ( suddenly of a heart attack )
10.When she found out she had terminal breast cancer , a tear slid down her cheek and she said" At least I don't have to worry about dying of heart disease"
11. She planned her own funeral
12. She is buried next to her brother
13. She believed she would be a survivor and beat odds many times ,she was given months to live and she battled for 5
14. She loved defying the odds
15, She wrote a letter to be read at her funeral
16. Her favorite color was blue
17. She hated getting rid of anything , she was a pack rat
18. She has 3 children
19.She was creative < she crocheted , painted and did ceramics, macrame , she had many interest 20.People liked her 21. we used to take walks at night in the snow 22. When I was younger , I stayed with her alot , we would sit up at night eating and talking. 23.When I was scared about her illness and I called her she always made me feel better . 24.She was still childlike , During chemo she ate lots of icecream, I bought her a musical santa and it played we wish you a merry xmas and I brought it to her hospital room and she stared at it in amazement.. 24. She loved animals 25. She bounced me hours on end when I was a baby, so I wouldn't cry. This is just a touch of who she was . I love her and miss her and she lives on in me. The above Blackhawk video " sailing on the ships of heaven " was chosen by her to be played at her funeral . She is not in it but I thought it would be nice to share it here.

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  1. This was a beautiful post and a very moving tribute.